Nominee for multiple Hamilton Arts Award in music, Pip lived in Asia for a number of years.

Once, playing a tiny club in Seoul, he won over a cover-tune-demanding audience by continuing to play after a tipsy audience member had accidentally opened a bottle of beer all over Pip’s guitar neck  (the beer fridge was directly behind the “stage”). The owner came up, apologized, and cleaned the guitar mess up with a towel with Pip continuing to play all the while.

Pip has performed in many countries including in Korea, Thailand, Laos, France, Spain, Germany, Czechoslovakia and the United States.

As well as headlining himself, Pip has opened for Ian Tamblyn, David Wiffen, and James Keelaghan (their music does not sound like Pip’s) – and he’s also a past winner of the Central Ontario Songwriter’s Award (1999).

In 2001, Pip played hockey for the famous Morningstars, a team comprising Toronto area musicians.

His music is catchy, fresh, reflective, jazz-influenced tunes.

Pip – discography :

Twenty-Four:  Obscurity Mills 2017

Chopper 2017

Manatee 2015

Dragon Ear 2014

impossible cocktail 2013

Cool Ray 2011

Thirteen Boats 2010

MonkDragon, 2009
Great Lounge Short Songs, 2008
Fifteen, 2007
Imagination of Leagues, 2006
Lowestfile, 2004
Ennui Cafe, 2003
LowerFile, 2002
low-file, 2001
Trace North Memory, 2000
Poetaster, 1998
Book of Serjeant Salt, 1997
Theatre by the Estuary, 1995
Bigger Than Several States, 1994
Corridor, 1992

EP Recordings
Album of Monday, Dec…, 1997
This Night Below the Rest, 1997
Walkmanege,  1996

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